Tuesday, 14 May 2013

I am Glad to Go

by tacio 

Morning is mean and average
The sun shines fair and scorching
Skies shroud by the fluffy clouds
I am about to pack my soul.

As daytime reach the noon and soon to twilight
The feeling gets so heavy of thinkables
I prefer to lay down the whole day
And rest in a peaceful sleep

When night comes the burden gets hard
I caress the underworld's wonder
Suppose I become strong in my heart
I learned that I am glad to go.

Sunday, 12 May 2013


by tacio tamayo

When the time has come
The clouds will change their patterns
Patterns of never been permanent at all
Scattered all along in the skies.

In time in the future
The birds will migrate but still coming back
In the places they were born
Because they know they should be.

Tomorrow or the other day
I will be happy and cheerful
Yet, the time of sorrow is many
I know that life isn't that easy.

Today I'm living and loving
Full of hopes and dreams
But someday I will leave this world
And death shall banish me forever.

Saturday, 6 April 2013


by tacio

She feels, she is beautiful.
She knows, she is genius.
She tells, she is lovely.
She joys, she is brave.
She does, she is loving.
She makes, she is excellent.
She receives, she is conceited.
She belongs, she is rich.
She cares, she is brilliant.

She is beautiful inside and out.
She is genius in mind and hearth.
She is lovely the way she acts and thinks.
She is brave in protecting her family.
She is loving a man.
She is excellent in everything.
She is conceited for her beauty.
She is rich to help people.
She is brilliant as diamonds in the skies.

Wednesday, 3 April 2013


by tacio

I soared up in the sky,
My wings flew so high
Into the river of eternity
Where gladness and rejoice laid.

I throttle in the road,
My wheels can't pull away
Into the pathway of everlasting
Where radiant and beauty kept.

I swam in the sea,
My body can't stop to dive
Into the ocean of forever
Where gods and goddesses lived.

I thought so much for this,
My mind broke down into pieces
Into the wisdom of no end
Where civilization and technology conquered.

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

How Far Does The World Achieve?

I remember when I was a child everything was not so advanced. If you wished to get the latest social issues or current events you must to watch television news or listen to am radio stations to hear them. Newspapers, tabloids and other media that can carry social reports were the only sources to have. But because of the evolution of technology and advancement of machines and computers the big world before is now infront of just clicking the mouse in the computer and the searching will be cited. The world is begun to be small when internet was introduced to the society. Local issues are served to the world and the world issues can be seen in seconds of time. Great talents of the people are being recognized and starting of their careers are reachable. However, in our advancement do we really achieve our aspiration and dreams? Are we to say that we have reached the limits or are we just using technology to say that we are better than before?

The truth is we are using technology to let our life be easy and convenient, to achieve are wants without any waiting for long, or to enjoy life even a group of people were being inflicted by this progress.

I think God gave knowledge and wisdom to humans to use them for the betterment of the world. Because of knowledge and wisdom, the world started to change constantly from the discovery of Adam that he and his wife were naked until the development of higher technology and cure to this present day.

Because of knowledge and wisdom many people anguish, outcry and suffer. Exploitation, slavery, oppression and killings are the main effects to humans by the developed technology. 

Yet, from the developments that are utilized today I believe that today is not different from yesterday. The past repeats itself or the presequel of today. The past are better than now, buildings before were sturdy and firm, even thousands of years to come they will not be vanquished easily comparing to the buildings today, even the latest standards of arising a building cannot be comparable before. The lives of the poor get worst and worst. They deep into greater depth of poverty such even cry out of them are not listened. The mother earth was destroyed already and keeping to be destroyed nowadays. Before the world is fresh and virgin. People are harvesting enough for them and do not exploit the world too much. Nowadays, landfields are converted to residentials, and rural communities transform to urban cities, and the wilds inhabitant begun to lost. So sad to know about these changes that everyone suffers.

How far does the world achieve now? Are we to blame because of our greed to gain more than to sustain what the nature is providing us? Are we happy because of these developments?

Ask yourself about these questions and begin what is right to do.

Moonless Night

by tacio

Stars glow so near as brilliant as fake diamonds
Black skies covered the moonless night
Smile of the prince could not trace anymore
Starry starry night disperse yourself.

Let my evening be so bright and clear
To appreciate everything that GOD created
Show me the laughter of the little child
Who gave me a lesson to continue life.

Rose in up up way of the galaxy
Volcanoes on the surface of that planet
Sheep to eat the naive flower
Don't ever forget to remember the prince.

Golden fields that gave you freedom
Planets that shared you enlightenment
Flock of birds for trusting yourself
All of these gave you strength to hold on.

Monday, 1 April 2013

Let Me Die

by Tacio 
My soul is very hopeless
I want a rest of a deep deep sleep
My heart is broken and cannot be mended
So much of despair and fatigue kill me!

I could not unleash my knitted spirit
From a rein of torture and crucial ordeal
Forget me but this I could only say
The truth of anguish and dolor corrupted me

So much pain I cannot deny it anymore
Why my life is so bound with such error
Could I live happy and freely?
Away from miserable life like this.

Please take away this futile life I have
In the beginning I am just a dust in the air
Unimportant and no use at all
Take me into the ground where should I belong.